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efficiency and scaling

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What you'll do with it

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Streamlined process

Just duplicate the file, rename it and start your project. We found that after experimenting on the design and prototyping the product or website it’s time to make it all part of history. Just create your typography styles, add primary colors, edit the master buttons and you’re more or less good to go.

Maintain and scale

In times of great pressure and deadlines that can kill — you'll be fully equipped to maintain, update and scale a product or website. Every god d*mn project that the client decides to “revise” or scale from 1 to humongous will be a child's play to you. This is what design system are for. Use them right.

C*nsistency is not a bad word

Imagine: There is a new designer in the office. Oh, boy is she lost. Onboard her w/ the system and her new project. Or an old one, and let her in the wild. That’s what makes a goood night sleep even better. Feeling calm and safe because everybody is working effortlessly to keep a f*cking consistency throughout.

One time

Figma variables

Unlimited seats

Dark mode everywhere

Templates like tables and sh*t

Free updates forever